Code Of Conduct

Punctuality -

Student should come to school well in time and attend morning assembly.

Attendance -

75% attendance is compulsory to qualify for the examinations. Therefore the studens must be regular in attendance, they can be debarred from examination in attendance falls short.

School Assets -

Students should have a sense of belonging to school, if school asset is damaged that will be replaced/recovered by his/her parents.

Ethics -

Students must speak in decent language all the time.

Discourtesy -

Any rude behavior in the form of foul language, violence and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated and will be subject to punishment in form of debarment from the classes or dismissal, depending upon the gravity of misbehavior.

Offensive Materials -

Objectionable materials like CDs, DVD, Cassettes, USB, photos or obnoxious literature is strictly prohibited.

  • Student in possession of such material may be suspended/expelled and the material will be confiscated.
  • Cell phones are not allowed.

  • Uniform -

    Every student must come to school in his/her proper uniform, be well dressed all the times.