Pakistan International School AL-AHSA

It was 1990 when the number of Pakistani families increased in Al-Ahsa city and they requested Mr.Abbas Hussain Malik, the founder of community school Al-Khobar to make some arrangements for the education of their children. Mr. Malik was kind enough to establish a branch of the Al-Khobar school in Al-Ahsa in 1990. Though the school is now independent with its own board of directors Mr. Malik still lives in the heart of the Pakistani community in Al-Ahsa.
The present school management (BODs) under the guidance of H.E Mr. Raja Ali Ejaz the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is striving hard to bring it ar par with the other schools of the kingdom. INSHALLAH, the school will be at the front line in the near future.

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School Policies -

The school is run according to the policies set forth by the school managent council. The routine matters and day to day adminsitration of the school is handled by the principal.

Goals & Objectives -
  • The school caters to create calm, quite, peaceful and student centered environment so that the students become well motivated learners.
  • To create sense of self discipline.
  • To enable the students to flourish in emotionally pleasant atmosphere.
  • To accomplish excellence in all walks of life.
  • To create sense of sacrifice, consciousness, cooperation and enhance religious cultural outlook.
  • To provide quality education which forms an important part of student's life.
  • To cultivate social moral, spiritual values and character building.
  • To maintain discipline in all activities.
  • To endorse character based personality.
  • To inculcate habit of punctuality, cleanliness, promptness and etiquettes.

Why PIS - Al Ahsa -

Few decisions have a lasting impact on your child as that of school choice. It is during their school days that life-long friendships will be made, the spiritual formation will take place, and values will be instilled. Pakistan International School Al Ahsa exists today because it is in constant quest to improve the standard of education and to educate their children in a safe, secure and competitive learning environment that instills values, helps develop character and cultivates wisdom, manifested through academic excellence. At all grade levels, the curriculum and classroom instruction is focused on maximizing individual student’s achievement and developing strength of character. Students are given opportunities to explore modern vistas of global education in modern and well-equipped classrooms and labs. With many opportunities and prospects in academics, the provision of comprehensive sports, fine arts, debates, and many other co-curricular activities unfold a vast horizon of creativity and confidence. We give high importance in preparing children to become individuals who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service before self, honesty before opportunities and participation as a way of life


Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia

Patron in Chief


Ministry of Education Al-Ahsa

Director of Parallel Education