Arabic Classes

Arabic is being taught from Class-I up to IV as compulsory subject by qualified teachers.


Students can buy refreshments and other edibles from school canteen, The standard of cleanliness, quality of food and prices are kept under strict watch by the administration.

Amazing Library

The library contains a variety of books and story books on different subjects.

Modern Computer Lab

Computer science classes have been started in the school and is equipped with the requisite number of computers. For imparting proper training / instructions, qualified teachers are available.


Prayer is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, and our children must learn to pray them with consistency. School have a clean mosque, and students offer their Duhr prayer in the school..

Religious Education

Religious education is supplemented in the morning assembly, in congregational prayers in the school, in the school functions organized on the occasions of national and religious significance.

Play Ground

School have a vast and children friendly play ground. Safety precautions and other security measures has been well taken care of.

Science Lab

The laboratory is fully equipped with apparatus and the materials required for performing practical in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for secondary and higher secondary classes.

Pick & Drop

An air-conditioned school bus is available for transport convenience.

Message to Parents

Upcoming Events


February 22, 2024


25th January 2024 Grade (IV to XII)


17th January, 2024 (Wednesday) Boys & 18th January 2024 (Thursday) Girls